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It is ever our privelege to bring to the reader's attention those portals to other places which we have been fortunate enough to chance upon ourselves.

Below, you will find links to many places which one or another of us might respectfully suggest could be of interest to you, dear traveller, in your onward journey.

The Dream Cafe - Mr. Brust's own page of strangeness

The Mud Connector - A portal to MUD resources around the world

The CircleMUD Homepage - Where it all began

Zuggsoft - Home of ZMud, a feature-filled Windows MUD Client

ZMud 4.62 - A very old (and much loved) but stable version of ZMud

The Lee Harvey Oswald Band

The Final Act of Defiance

The Old JediMUD Impale Log - Somewhat explicit content!

An AddictMUD story by Frost