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The Clans of our humble MUD are a collection of tolerably skilled and, for the most part, friendly individuals.

Combining their not inconsiderable talents, they strive to overcome those foes which one man alone might find indomitable.

Our erstwhile Clans also compete with one another in what we rather predictably term 'Clan Quests'.
A man may fight for many things; a lady's hand, a country's honour, or to preserve the freedom of his children. Our Clans, however, would happily mud-wrestle their own grandmothers to gain shiny 'Clan Tokens'.

Clan Tokens are the currency with which our bands of belligerent bravos can improve their Clan Castles; purchasing lands, facilities and many other noble and worthwhile elements.

In the meantime, we invite the reader to peruse the Clans below, and perchance, even click one to view some more detailed information.