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AddictMUD has been in existence now for some 14 years, and has flourished and grown throughout its lifetime.

From humble beginnings, our MUD has grown to the point where it now spans more than 12,000 rooms across more than 120 areas, most of which are unique to our MUD and full of potential for the eager adventurer.

It should be noted that AddictMUD caters both for the inexperienced sojourner and the veteran campaigner, with 8 character classes available when creating one's character, and another 3 plus a choice of 2 extra races to be had when one reaches sufficient levels of experience.

The places, creatures and items which abound in the MUD cover all manner of bizarre themes, but the MUD's main emphasis, as we have already had the pleasure of stating, is on the world of Dragaera, created by the uniquely talented Mr. Steven Brust.

It is a world often full of danger and friendship which offers the brave and foolhardy the chance to become a legend in their own lifetime.

We bid you enter, and make your destiny your own!